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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wasted time, money and effort.

Remedial classes in college have proven to not be effective costing students time, money and effort that has little result.

The group says the classes are largely failing the nation’s higher education system at a time when student-loan debt has become a presidential campaign issue. Meanwhile, lawmakers in at least two states have pushed through changes and numerous institutions are redesigning the courses.

“Simply putting (students) in three levels of remedial math is really taking their money and time with no hope of success,” said Stan Jones, president of Complete College America....

...The Complete College America report says research shows half or more of remedial students would be better off being placed in required classes and having the schools build in extra help, such as tutors or more frequent class meetings.

I tried to move legislation similar to that a few years ago when the Dems were in power. It died. Possibly the time to make the move has finally come.


  1. I realize that this is considered an *extreme* position on the issue....but why not refuse high school graduation to those who are not yet proficient?


  2. If high schools continue to "graduate" those not qualified then the colleges should be able to bill those school systems for any remedial classes.

  3. Costs for things such as tutors should not be put onto the student body in general. If the plan is to use tuition or tax dollars to provide tutors, then I am against that. Students either need to be prepared for the class or take it upon themselves to get and pay for the extra help they need.


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