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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Beating the bully

Republicans are looking for a cheesy bump in their numbers across the nation after Democrats went all in for Wisconsin and lost in all the big races.

The dumb part is, The people who are crying about their loss are the same people who picked the fight in the first place. it was the Democrats who started the recall movement (just months after an election), not the Republicans.

Now they are crying about money influencing the election. Well, a few things. First, you knew the rules going in. Had Republicans raised less then Democrats I doubt they would be crying. Second, are dems willing to return all the outside union money spent in Wisconsin or is Obama going to stop fund raising? No! Are Republicans crying that Obama will have an unfair advantage over Romney because of the over one billion dollars Obama has already raised? No.

It wasn't the money. It was the quick economic turn around Walker did for the state. They went from 3 billion in debt to almost a billion dollars to the positive. It took going after a lot of liberal groups (Like the unions) to do it but the proof is in the pudding. Even 40% of the union members supported what he did.

Now because the Democrats and the unions made such a stink about this fight, built it up so much...and then still lost, it has turned into a road map for other states looking to turn things around. It made a hero out of Scott Walker and showed that people are ready to stand up to the power crazy unions. Even people in traditionally liberal states.

When you beat up the bully, you become the hero.

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  1. When your mortal foe is committing political suicide.... don't interupt.


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