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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Homeschool kids shut out

Williamson county has decided to shut home school kids out of the opportunity to play state sports. We will see how that flies next year.


  1. BUT....their parents and grandparents pay taxes too...don't they?

    This is a ridiculously unfair ruling.


  2. One of our local talk show hosts, Steve Gill, is asking whether teachers who are sending, or have sent, their kids to private schools should be allowed to teach in the public schools. Either all in, or all out.

  3. "Opting out (of schools), in my opinion, is a complete action which ends access to Williamson County Schools programs,” board member Vicki Vogt said."

    I suggest letting the parents who "opt in" to Williamson Co. public schools pull their full weight ("complete action") and cough up the $8,000 per student cost instead of forcing their neighbors to pay for it.

  4. I am with you Eric, but this sounds like it is vestigial union BS.
    When you see the budget breakout county by county of how much of he education funding goes to salaries and benefits, no unintended disrespect, but it becomes difficult to believe we have the "best and brightest" teaching children when you see the test and graduation results.

  5. "...but this sounds like it is vestigial union BS."

    That's because it is (or maybe she's channeling Les Winningham). See NEA resolution B-82 regarding home schooling.

    They don't want your kids. Just your money.


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