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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How Republicans have turned around education in TN

WOW!!! Almost every bit of data shows Tennessee students improved across the board at least A 5% to 6% in one year. Some areas showed an almost 10% improvement over the last 2 years!!!

I cant tell you how big this is. In education terms that is just phenomenal, unheralded, unprecedented. If it were a stock, people would be bragging about "Credit card type returns". If I were playing black jack on education I would say Republicans have an ace card and a 9 card. Democrats have a 2 from an uno deck and their other card is a Luvdisc pokemon.

For years Republicans have said "Give us a shot. We can get us out of 49th place." The people did and we are.

We are not there yet but this definitely bodes well and tells Republicans they are on the right path.

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