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Monday, June 04, 2012

It really is better.

I was facebook talking with a friend who was bemoaning some of the good legislation that did not pass this last year. He complained how it was almost as bad as when the Democrats ran things. While I wanted to see some more good stuff get out, it was still nothing like when Democrats were in power. Not even close. When they ran things not only was it bad, they actually tried to make things worse. Trust me it is worlds better now.

If I had to put it to numbers I would say we pass about 80% good stuff we have been wanting and about 20% of the good stuff dies along with about 95% of their bad stuff.

Back when the Democrats were in power it was about 5% of our big good stuff passed (if that) and about 80% of their really bad stuff passed.

It really has been a sea change.

1 comment:

  1. Well, that new sea water is still too salty for me...

    Dems like judge selectors, Rs like judge selectors and get endorsed by Haslam.

    Bredesen veto gets overridden. Haslam vetoes so it can't be overridden.

    Bredesen secret corporate welfare deals - Haslam secret corporate welfare deals

    Bredesen solar companies taxed at scrap value - Haslam solar companies taxed at scrap value

    Bredesen allegedly requests and creates Common Core State Standards - Haslam introduces Obama on stage to implement them for a one-time paycheck. More federal control of public education.

    Haslam - Gibbons - VIPR Illegal search and seizure at weigh stations and bus stations, fusion centers, etc. More federal control of the people and freedom to travel secure in our persons.

    I guess you could argue the boat isn't sinking as fast, but it is still taking on water. To me these are straightforward constitutional issues that shouldn't be hard to discern.


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