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Monday, July 30, 2012

A two way correlation ?

Well lets see now, if early voting were down the left would say it is being caused by voter suppression from new voter photo ID laws.

But, since early voting is up to record levels can we safely surmise that people trust the system more and therefore are more likely to vote?


  1. The worries of voter suppression and the large turnout in early voting may be linked. It could be the way you have reasoned, but it may be very different from that. If I was worried that I would have trouble at the polls I think I might try early voting so that I could get anything fixed in time for the normal voting period. You may want to fix the spelling of correlation in your title. Also a two way correlation doesn't make sense; you may want to try another title all together.

    1. You are correct, correlation isn't "Two way". You'd have to look at the coefficient of correlation (r) to determine the strength and direction of a correlation.

      Also, as you mention, correlation does not prove causation.


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