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Friday, July 20, 2012

And in Tennessee...

Sorry I have been a little light on the blogging lately. I have been busy helping candidates (or pushing hard fixing up a new house) during the days and have been going to a lot of events at night. Last night was the center city Republican club cake auction at the I 75 expo center followed by the Jewish Republican club 3rd anniversary luau at Harbies Pizza off Broadway (they have one of the best veggie Pizzas in town by the way).

Both were packed houses and fun events. Always good to hang out with like minded people.

Republicans are fired up!! 

Joe Bailey was there and gave a report on the Romney campaign. It was about what I expected. Obama is down about 15 points in Tennessee and it doesnt look good for him across the nation. Nation wide polls may show its close but that really doesnt matter. Its the ellectoral college that counts in elections and that is where he is in big trouble. Yes, Obama will probably win NY and California big but in most of the key states he is dropping like a stone. Florida, the Carolinas, even PA may be in play for Romney and the Republicans.

Romney has been saving his campaign money and Obama has been spending his as fast as it comes in. Probably faster (sort of like his federal spending policy). Its not helping. His numbers continue to drop.

I expect this election will turn out a lot like Jimmy carter Ronald Reagan. The media will build it up and build it up until just befor the election saying how close of a race it is going to be, but in the end it will not be even close.

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  1. We've missed hearing from you...

    Thanks for the update on the presidential election, it gives the hope we've been needing.


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