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Friday, July 13, 2012

Early voting/ my picks and predictions.

Early voting starts today so go vote.

Not that my opinion or predictions mean much but here are my picks for a few of the more high profile races. Yes, to everyone there race is high profile but I am not doing a state wide rundown on all the good candidates we have. Yes, there are some liberal  and some great legislators who seem to be in a dog fights this year and there could be some upsets election night. We will see. But these seem to be the primary races with the eyes on them.

Doctor / Rep. Joey Hensly and soil scientist / Rep. Frank Niceley have been solid conservative votes in the  house. In my 6 years there I put them up as the legislators with the all time top 4 or 5 most conservative vote records. They will both be more then welcome in the senate.

Come on boys! We need you!

Rep. Deb Maggart gets the nod to return to the house. One non vote on one issue that she probably will support in the future does not define a person or a candidate. NRA and TFA have gone way too far on this trying to make an example of someone.

Jeremy Durham gets the nod in Williamson County. A sharp, conservative ground pounder is always welcome to the legislature as far as I am concerned and the guy is a worker. If he can keep the mo going in the legislature he, and his district,  will be quite happy.

Gary Loe in Knoxville gets the nod over Vanderbilt Brabson for the old Harry Tindell seat. Van is a player on the grow and has a future in Republican politics if he comes out of his shell a little more and keeps it up but Gary has bided his time and done the leg work. It is his time.

Newby reps Jeremy Fazon and Josh Evans have also proven their conservative prominence and deserve a second term. I think they can develope a strong voice in the future.

My old seat "The fighting 18th!" I predict Steve Hall in a squeaker. I know, he is unopposed but hey he is a close friend.

The 89th. This is a tough one. All the candidates seem to be working and I really could see it going in any of 4 directions. Roger Kane has a lot of signs in yards around Karns, Joey McCulley has the best signs but not as many in yards.

Bo Pierce was looking ok until the KNS endorsed him. That is like the kiss of death in a tight race.  I was talking to one campaign person in another race who said they were worried about their race until they read of their candidates non endorsement in the paper. Upon reading the news they rolled over and went back to sleep knowing their race was won.

 If you put a gun to my head and said I had to pick one I would say Tim Hutchison pulls it out. He is the only one who has sent out much mail (That I know of) , he claims to be door knocking and his name ID is higher. I think that wins the day for him.

And for Anderson county mayor. Why, it has to be Terry Frank of course! Gooch is an Obama trial lawyer loon and Terry is a sane, conservative blogger and one of the sharpest political minds out there.  Her hubby Lee is no slouch either and can keep things focused on the big picture. Together they are a brain trust that can jump start what has been a community needing some home grown spark.

Again, this is not an end all be all list. Just my picks and predictions with my ear to the ground.


  1. Thanks for this very valuable and helpful info!

  2. You have to watch those guns! They might go off! For Hutchinson to win the voters would have to have amnesia.

  3. I noticed on Knox Views that Kane is making robo calls about Hutchinson and Black Wednesday. The truth can't help Hutchinson.


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