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Monday, July 16, 2012

So good deserving of a post.

Some times I read comments elsewhere that are so good they deserve their own post. This one is from a former Democrat who is sick of the direction his former party has taken.

Then it must be very frustrating seeing my former party completely abandon middle-class America with near constant drumbeat of programs only for those at the lowest economic strata.
The moment a Democratic lead government actually lowers taxes for those who actually pay taxes (not a EIC boost) then I will cut out the vitriol.
Right now (as media has reported) the Democratic Party has admittedly surrendered middle-class and blue collar Americans (those not in unions anyway) to the GOP. It is obvious to any impartial person, that the party is relying on class warfare for new voters. Primarily the intergenerational poor, illegal immigrants and the easy-to-scare elderly to create a base. If the Democrats can get the base of dependent voters up and over 50% then they have an unsurmountable majority of the electorate.

However, as one can tell with the ID and this voter station whining; it is difficult to rely on the ignorant and listless as a dependent base. It's rather like herding dumb cats.
The easier that these dumb, listless and illegal voters can cast a vote, the more likely the Democratic Party can succeed. It appears that spoon-feeding the mob is required.

Because, if these core constituents actually obtain an education, get a job, stay out of jail or become legal citizens; they are far more likely to vote for another party.

It is not MY fault that YOUR party is pandering to the lowest common denominator in American society. That is their decision.

Let me ask you this. Which party has a greater need to keep people poor, ignorant and envious in order to stay in power? Be honest.
There's always an outlier (maybe yourself) who thinks they are truly helping these people and continue to vote (D). But for the most part, the party has a careful balancing act. How to "help people" without actually "helping people". Since 1965 they have done this fairly well.


  1. "The moment a Democratic lead government actually lowers taxes for those who actually pay taxes (not a EIC boost) then I will cut out the vitriol."

    You mean like the payroll tax cuts that only went towards working Americans?

  2. Braisted,

    You aren't that ignorant. I have seen some of your writings that touch on macro economic issues. You know that the middle class and above bear all the burden of the payroll tax "holiday." Do you really think that money to pay benefits comes out of thin air? Payroll taxes provide a very poor rate of return to the worker but it was a liquid system at the former rates.

    In a few years time, when todays under funded workers retire, who pays the difference? The taxpayers.

    Either through direct taxes or inflated dollars the taxpayers(who are all middle class and above) will pay.



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