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Friday, July 13, 2012

You know what they say about a lover spurned.

The NRA and TFA have gone all in after Deb Maggart over one bill. The guns in parking lots bill. They say they plan to drop 75K into her race to try and beat her on this one issue.


I know the NRA and the TFA are single issue groups but to go all in on one candidate who I think had limited impact over one bill (of a possible many) seems a little over the top to me.

Was that the only gun bill in the legislature this last year?

No.  I had 4 or 5 that could have passed with a little support from one of those groups.

Did she kill one of her own bills as the sponsor?

No. The NRA to my knowledge picked the sponsors that let them down and did not move or set up for motions on their bills. In fact Josh Evans and I had a similar bill and were ready to move it but the NRA wanted and supported that one bill and that one bill only for some reason.

Was she the only person to vote against the bills?

No. There were several who voted against it or let it die. I honestly don't know if Maggart even voted on the bill ever.

Does she have a long history of fighting against gun bills?

No. In fact Maggart had a 100% voting record for them for as long as I can remember.

Does the NRA/TFA have a history of going after a single legislator on a single issue like this?

No. Not really. Even Jimmy Naifeh got a pass for years until the very end where leadership votes were scored on an NRA survey.

Has Maggart said "No way, No how, Never!" On the parking lot bill?

No. In fact she has said several times it could still happen next year but the bill is not ready yet. It still needs some work.

Did Maggart make threats to other legislators to vote against their consciences?

No. Not that I ever heard from any legislator.

So seriously, are their no other races that are more key out there?


  1. The gun owners of Tennessee have been betrayed by the very Republicans we just voted into majority status. From choosing the anti-gun Beth Halteman as speaker, to the Ramsey/Maggard/(Campfield?)sellout to Fedex/VW etal, making us into criminals if we fail to see a gunbuster sign, and allowing permit holders personal information to be published.
    I will oppose any Democrat or Republican who will not fully support my right to self defense.

    Scott B.

  2. "Even Jimmy Naifeh got a pass for years until the very end where leadership votes were scored on an NRA survey."

    Yeah, Jimmy got a pass because he employed the same thing Republicans did this year. Prevent the bill from getting to the floor.

    Remember...."It's gone boys!"

    Live by the special interest...die by the special interest. Republicans cannot constantly use the "100% NRA" endorsements to climb the ladder and then suddenly try to say they are Washington outsiders we shouldn't pay attention to. Heck, Frank Niceley is using them on his mailers as we speak (very nice appeal to the country-boy-can-survive segment BTW). Is Frank controlled by Washington outsiders now too? Now that Maggart exposes the evil NRA underbelly controlling candidates, suddenly most of the Republican incumbents can't be trusted?
    It's so confusing for us Republican sheep out here...

    1. I see that Frank Niceley got a "C" rating from NRA.

      He certainly can't be using that grade on his mailers. . .

      Do you have a picture of the mail piece you can post?


  3. Seeing as I voted for the bill in committee, Voted to pull it to the senate floor, Ran a similar bill myself I am curious to know how you think I sold out on this issue?

  4. I haven't noted you being mentioned as an opponent of gun owners Senator. What is being said is that if our support is solicited then one shouldn't be a fair weather friend.

  5. I'm going to have to go with John Harris of the TFA on this one. Maggart needs out. Blocking stuff in committee is why. Naifeh used to do the same thing, and We The People must get rid of those that kill stuff in committee the same as if they'd voted against it.

    Of course, I have it easy over here - Elam and Beavers are my Representative and Senator, respectively. Hard to get more pro-gun than that and actually get elected.

  6. This is a seriously misguided effort launched by John Harris and his minions. $75K in resources could have provided some real help for campaigns around this State. But No!, the TFA and the state NRA have squandered these resources, tainted an otherwise valuable candidate for the future convincing her she could file false campaign disclosures, and achieved nothing but unecessary and petty divisions within the party over a complicated issue which most Republicans essentially support in any event.
    The guys are Losers.

  7. Usagi I am sorry, it is a bunch of manufactured outrage. Hillbilly politics.

    1. The NRA bill is bad. It still relies on the unconstitutional carry permit infringements and its accompanying perpetual tax to enjoy your "right". It bothers me most that TFA and NRA don't seem to understand this. None of the objecting Republicans (I am aware of) have this as their reason for not supporting the bill. Maybe TFA and NRA do get this and have settled for the TN Republican's typical approach of incrementalism ("we can't get it all back at once"). Now that the promised incrementalism isn't happening, it's time to pay the piper.

      Seems to me the root problem is the lobbying/promises made behind closed doors in exchange for donations/support - whether they are causes you believe in or not.
      I hope Stacey can continue to openly support constitutional carry. Then let the chips fall. All the characters will be made manifest. Put it on them to explain why we shouldn't follow the constitution (just like with judge selection).

  8. This is crazy! These folks seem to have gone off the deep end!

    You haven't done anything wrong, Stacey!


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