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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

162 attempt voter fraud in TN?

Democrats claim that voter fraud is seldom an issue but according to Mark Goins 162 potential cases of voter fraud may have been avoided in Tennessee in this last election alone.

Goins said  "277 people were asked to cast provisional ballots because they lacked photo ID, and that 115 of those ballots were later counted after the voters appeared at election offices with proper ID."

That leaves 162 people in this last election alone who did not or could not get a free ID as the person they claimed to be.

With all the notification to people that free photo ID is now required to vote, I am sure that helped suppress a lot of the voter fraud that had been going on, undetectable for years in Tennessee, right off the bat.

Good job!


  1. The real question is how many more cheaters were unable to vote more than once and were too frightened by the new law to try?

    We will never know the exact number, but the ID law is a good thing. Checks and balances.

  2. The Photo ID law is simply COMMON SENSE.


  3. It's quite a leap to say the voters didn't go the extra mile to show up at a later date with photo ID were cheaters. The very article you cite quotes the study that says in-person vote fraud is exceedingly rare. Requiring photo ID prevents many more lawful voters from voting than it does prevent fraud. Also, they might be free to obtain, but the birth certificate that is required to get the free ID is NOT free. Voter ID laws are about 1 thing: suppressing turnout in a demographic less likely to vote Republican. The Ohio GOP tried going so far as to have different early voting times in Republican and Democrat counties. Dithpicable.


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