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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Bring out your dead!

Democrats are again trying to figure out a way to strike down in courts the voter ID law that requires a (available free) photo ID to be presented before voting.

The ID is used as a form of verification the person is who they say they are to prevent voter fraud.


  1. I find this bunch particularly humorous.

    We are supposed to sympathize with the unreasonable state photo i.d. requirements while....

    1) It was apparently not a burden to obtain a photo i.d. to get books at the City of Memphis Public library.

    2) The City of Memphis Public librarians were not sued (or called bigots!) for imposing this draconian photo i.d. measure on the public in order to read books they already paid for. But hey, the library's not in the constitution, so stuff it taxpayer!

    3) It is somehow less burdensome to conduct multiple lawsuits over getting a photo i.d., just like you require for the taxpayer funded City of Memphis Public library, than to get the free i.d.

    I'll just go ahead and post with my real name (as usual) so it will save you the trouble when Memphis wants to subpoena the comments.

  2. The motive of those Democrats is patently OBVIOUS, isn't it?



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