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Friday, August 03, 2012

Can you say 82-17 house?

If you go by how many people showed up and voted in the party primaries and expect those numbers to follow through to the general election then Democrats are in BIG TROUBLE.

In the senate, of contested races, Democrats only win one race. The Jimmy Kyle race. All the rest go Republican.

In the house only 17 seats trend or are leaning Democrat and most of those were not that close.

One to watch might be district 41 where Rep. John Mark Wendal was even losing to Republican Bobbie Stewart.

Can you say 82-17 Republican majority in the house?


  1. Thanks so much, Senator Campfield, for providing election results and for analyzing all of this for us! It helps a lot!

  2. Being a politician you know vote totals in non-contested primaries are not indicative of the voting in the General Election. Shame on you. I agree that the Democrats will be in big trouble in Tennessee this year with Obama heading the ticket.

  3. Why target John Mark Windle? His voting record is more conservative than most of the Haslam/Harwell endorsements. I'd gladly take him in Blount County to replace Doug "we have the legislative authority" Overbey. I don't think John Mark would actually state we shouldn't use the state constitution to prove the merits of a proposed bill like Doug has. Team R better quit redistricting their new blood out (Kerry Roberts) and clean out the deadwood instead of endorsing it.

    Of course Bobby running his campaign against Obama (instead of Windle) will probably work. The incredible ignorance of this state was on display with the percentage vote for Corker: the gang-of-10, UAW bailout & $26 billion loss (and counting) broker, cash-for-clunkers & TARP voting, tax-cheat Tim Geithner approving, Ben Bernanke approving, fast-and-furious Eric Holder approving, don't audit the Fed cheerleading, debt ceiling increasing, Goldman Sachs #1 donating, "conservative".

    As Hank the Cowdog said "if you'd done any leaster, you'd have been fighting for the other side".


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