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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Convention notes.


Was TIGHT. I mean for blocks around the building it was all fences and multiple guards on every corner. No lie. about every 20 feet there were a pack of security guards. They were all nice but most were from out of the area and weren't much help to this driver who gets lost quite easily outside of Knoxville.

Big miss....

The convention wanted people to Skype/ tweet/blog/ use social media....Except they didn't provide any Internet service. What a missed opportunity.

Ron Paul.....

Tennessee was right next to Maine. When the move was made to elect Romney by acclamation they freaked.  His supporters were there and were quite vocal......But as usual, when the roll call votes were counted he didn't get that many actual delegates (My guess was 40-50).

The who's who........

Ron Paul and Rand Paul were there and walked around the convention floor taking pictures with about everyone. Ron seemed cool and waved and shook hands with every one he met. He seemed happy to be there. It didn't seem to me like Rand Paul liked shaking hands. He would do the pix but would stand with his hands in front of him with a cool dry look on his face (He is also a lot shorter then I thought he was).  It was sort of funny watching him shut out the press. One local reporter came up and tried to ask him a question only to have him look her straight in the eye and say "I cant hear you" and walk away even though it wasn't that loud and I could clearly hear her (and I was behind her and Rand was six inches away right in front of her).

Diane Sawyer made 3 entrances onto the floor. No, really. She would walk in with her entourage about 50 yards onto the floor  then turn around, walk back and then about two minutes later..... and then do it again.....And again.  After a while it was like" OK we see you. Yes, we realize it is you. Get over yourself."

On the other side of the coin......

I sort of saw David Gregory (Of meet the press)  I was up in the mezzanine getting a hot dog and I heard someone ask if they they could get a quick photo only to get shot down with the lame excuse of "No, I have to go see Romney" and he zoomed on by and ducked into the NBC room. The only bad thing about the excuse was Romney wasn't expected to even be in the building for hours and he went into a small room where Romney was surely not headed.  By the way, that dude is HUGE! like 6 foot five or six at least.

Funny line of the night.....

I was eating my hot dog talking with another delegate and I pointed out "Hey, there is Sam Donaldson" (About 4 feet away) to the other delegate.  He said in a loud (But serious) voice. "Man, I thought he was dead!" I'm not sure Sam caught it but I sort of cringed.

One of the hotties I recognized from Fox news was walking around shaking hands and doing photos. She seemed nice. Rudy Giuliani was there but stuck close to the NY delegation area.

The Oak Ridge boys did an awesome rendition of amazing grace and about the entire place was singing it. it was spiritual.

They had some American Idol singer do "I'm proud to be an American" While he did an OK job, I thought "Man for a tank of gas and a fresh bag of Doritos they could have gotten Lee Greenwood to come do it himself. He sings that song so much around Tennessee he probably sings it in his sleep"

Speech of the night.....

Chris Christie knocked it out of the park but I think the title may go to Rick Santorum. I could see people seeing it the other way though. Runner up would go to Ann Romney (she did a good job humanizing Mitt) followed by a new face on the scene. I honestly did not catch her name but she was a young black female congressional candidate. She was electric.  (UPDATE: Her name was Mia B. Love, from Utah. Hat Tip:Tregonsee) There was also a crossover Dem and one of the other governors did a good job. The rest were so so.

Minority outreach......

The GOP looked like they were really trying to reach out across traditional lines. The opening prayer was by a Rabbi (I saw a pretty big contingent of Jewish people there in yamakas) and 5 of the 9 speakers were Hispanic or black. They all did a great job and were very well received. As Marsha Blackburn said GOP is the Great Opportunity Party. The outreach is there.


  1. "a young black female congressional candidate"

    Missed it, but I would guess Mia B. Love, from Utah. A Black, female, Tea Party Mormon. What's not to like?

  2. Santorum's shaking hands speech was ridiculous.

    1. Santorum's shaking hands speech was one of the best and most beautiful I've ever heard!


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