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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Convention update II

Good speakers. Better then last night. I think last night was more of armature hour. Tonight was the pros. I ran into Newt coming out of the elevators so I thought he might be speaking but no such luck. Word is he is being shut out.

Top speech was clearly Paul Ryan. He totally crushed! Too many good one liners to cover them all but he railed Obama and his failure to take responsibility.

While I am not a huge fan I give 2nd place to Condoleezza Rice. She started out sounding a little nervous but got better in time. She pushed education a lot. She sounded like she may be angling for Dept of Ed.

NM Governor Susana Martinez did a solid job and told a great personal story

Worst had to be John Mc Cain. He sounded completely tired and uninspired.

Almost every speaker for two days has mentioned the "You didn't build that!" comment Obama made. It is clearly the theme.

Screw up of the night was having a giant picture of Condi  Rice and Colin Powell on the stage. Ummm,  you guys know he endorsed Obama last election right?

Ron Paul watch...

The Paul supporters did not seem happy as Rand spoke of why he was endorsing Romney.

Later, some of them marched around in the hall chanting "As goes Maine, so goes the Nation!" before walking out of the Arena.

Rick Santorum Walked around on the floor and was swamped. They finally had to have him leave the floor so they could clear the walkways.

Top Rumor...

Clint Eastwood may be comming tomorrow night.


  1. There was an article on Fox News pondering if Ryan was attempting to set the record for lies in a single speech.

  2. Ok Stacey I have to call you on this one. When asked about Clayton you said you always vote for the most conservative candidate. Newt Gingrich released his delegates freeing you to vote for the most conservative candidate, which is unquestionably Ron Paul. So why did you vote for Mitt Whit?

    Gawking and fawning over Santorum is ridiculous. Conservatives forget that he lost his Senate seat by over 700,000 votes in 2006.

  3. Stacey I saw your ugly mug on FOX's coverage of Thursday's night GOP convention. They were doing a "sweep" of the delegates and they stopped on you.

  4. What? No mention of the kidnapping of Morton Blackwell and John Bailout Boehner's Boss Hogg "It's Gone Boys!" moment?


    The GOP is just as fraudulent as a Jimmy Naifeh house session. Since all votes can now "officially" be cancelled by the GOP executives, can't Tennesseans be set free from paying for the fraudulent political party elections?


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