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Monday, August 27, 2012

Ron Paul and the Tampa hurricane convention.

I'm in Tampa Florida for the RNC convention. As many people already know the first day has been postponed by hurricane Isac.

All I can say is if this is a hurricane then East Tennessee has one about every other week. Seriously. It's not that bad.

Some minor wind and intermittent light to medium rain. Nothing bad at all yet.

Ron Paul had a "big rally" last night at one of the local arenas and "Blues Travelers" John Popper played. I'm sorry I missed it. I love Blues Traveler but I didn't get the invite until almost 10 PM. I think the event went until 2 AM but I was already gassed from the drive down and about 5 hrs of sleep the previous few days. I skipped it.

Similar to the fears of the impending hurricane (Hat tip:Post Politics). The party establishment seem pretty up tight about the infusion of the Ron Paul supporters and are not sure what to do. They seem to have (What I see as) an unrealistic fear that he and his supporters will try to hijack the convention and nominate Ron Paul at the last second.

Well. it is a convention. I guess anything could happen. But as the establishment is often known to do, their over reaction will be worse and look worse, then anything the Ron Paul supporters could ever actually pull off.


  1. Ron Paul has the potential to bring the entire libertarian youth under the Republican tent.

    To exclude them may prove disastrous. Gary Johnson may be only dollars away from facilitating the Obama re-election ala Ross Perot.
    If you were a George Soros where would you put money to re-elect Obama?

  2. I'm not surprised at the call on the weather. The GOP already looks ridiculous regarding the approach to the convention. It's not just the "libertarian" that is turned away. Many of the legitimately elected Republican delegates have been compromised/deleted/replaced/re-manufactured:


    I think the RNC rules committee would rather cancel the whole convention and call Romney the winner.

    "If you were a George Soros where would you put money to re-elect Obama?"

    The SCYTL vote counters in Spain. Maybe we will get to hear the U of M fight song when we push the button in November.

  3. Ron Paul has delegates, shouldn't the delegates vote for Ron Paul?

    Delegate - A person sent or authorized to represent others, in particular, an elected representative sent to a conference.

    These delegates represent Ron Paul supporters, ergo... they should nominate Ron Paul.

  4. Sounds like the storm is moving on out, but, please, Senator, don't take any chances, going out in bad weather. You mean too much to too many people, back here in Tennessee, to take any chances, okay?

    This must be awfully exciting for you, to be at the RNC!!!

    We will be watching for you on television!


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