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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Left wing "Fair and balanced"

A conservative from the family Action Council of TN makes a comment on facebook about food stamps being similar to feeding wild animals and it is a top story.

On the other hand, at the parent company of that conservative group (The Family Research Council),
A homosexual advocate, packing a bunch of Chic -fil-a, goes on a shooting rampage because he doesn't like the pro family message they talk about and it doesn't even make the mainstream news?

I guess that is left wing "Fair and balanced".


  1. Stop using tragedy to further your agenda. Should we ban guns? Your attempts to attack LGBT individuals is misguided as my notion to ban guns.

    This was a nut job who doesn't represent anyone.

  2. Pop culture "journalism."

    The schools of journalism at most of our universities are grossly in need of intelligent reform.


    PS There was NO attack on any LGBT individual by the Senator. The point of the article was to demonstrate the disparity of how events are reported by the mainstream media.

  3. KM is right about this. The intent of Senator Campfield's post is to enlighten us as to how unfair the reporting of the media is.

    Schools of journalism definitely do need to teach students to report both liberal and conservative views fairly, but, of course, most universities are controlled by liberals.

    And, of course, so much of the media is controlled by liberals. That's why the story about one man's ideas about cutting back on spending on food stamps is given more coverage than a story about someone with a gun, going in and shooting an employee of a group, because of their views on traditional marriage. How fair is that?

    Besides, this IS Senator Campfield's blog, and, the way I see it, he has the right to "promote his agenda" any time he wants to!


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