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Friday, August 31, 2012

Liberals showing their tolerance

Another letter by a liberal showing their open minded views of divergent opinions. This one suggests Jim Summerville and I should be put in jail for ours.


  1. He is wrong that you should be in jail.
    He is right to say that we should expect more from you and Summerville.

  2. We should lock up all politicians. It would solve most of our problems.

    1. Hooray for Tona! Let's get rid of all politicians and adopt a Russian type of government. Only one party. This ole system of letting people vote has been a farce. Go Tona!

    2. She is suggesting we do away with corrupt politicians. She never mentioned party because they're both the problem.

      How about we have more than TWO parties!

  3. No, she said to "lock up" all politicians. Not only, in your opinion, the "corrupt" ones. If you do away with politicians you have only one rule. Spin it anyway you wish, but the government by the people would be eliminated! Tona sounds like a fascist to me. No wonder she cannot get elected dog catcher.


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