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Monday, August 13, 2012

More about Mark Clayton

As many people know, I know a little about Democrat US Senate candidate Mark Clayton. We worked together on the classroom protection act (He supported it and had supporters who followed suit). He is pro life and pro traditional family.

As you may also know, the Democrat party is now actively trying to find a way to throw him out of the party for these beliefs.

Mark is a Democrat. I tried to convert him to the Republican party about a year ago telling him how the Democrat party leadership had left people like him a long time ago. They have now, for the first time, come out as pro homosexual marriage as part of their official party platform. They have been pro abortion for years.

Mark still refused to switch.

I intend to be at a press conference with Mark a little later on today to say that.  As I said, Mark is a democrat but if we had more Democrats like him the world would be a better place. We need to get to where both parties are pro traditional family, pro second amendment and pro life. If we get there we can take the social issues off the table and just talk demand/supply side economics. 

Till then, its battle on.


  1. The more I hear about Mark Clayton, the more I like him. This might be the first time ever I push a button for a "D."

  2. So what's the big deal Stacey? Why can't you endorse Clayton over the fascist bankster whore that the Republicans nominated?

    1. Tona, you seem quite knowledgeable, when it comes to politics.

      Maybe if you tried cleaning up your language it would help you a lot.

      Can you imagine people voting for Senator Campfield, if he was using a bunch of hateful cuss words all the time?

      Stacey is a perfect gentleman. Your attempts towards being more ladylike might help you win an election sometime!

      Stuff like that matters to people more than you think.

    2. Anonymous, it's always so fun to address those who don't reveal their identity.

      Cuss words? I used none. As for calling Corker a whore, what does the Bible call these people? Whores.

      "Stuff like that matters to people more than you think."

      No it doesn't, at least not significantly. Most people don't care about State and local races. Voter turnout was 26% lower than it was 4 years ago. If you polled the people, I doubt that half the population could even name their State legislators, let alone give you 3 positions that the legislators take.

      I played the game, wearing fancy clothes and couching my comments. It's phony. Most politicians are serpent in suits. Smooth words and fancy clothes are masks for tyrants.

      The founders, that people think so highly of, would fight to the death in duels. Calling Corker a fascist bankster whore, which he is, is mild in comparison. Traitors like Alexander Hamilton would attack those who stood for freedom, by cozying up to the media and publish articles under pseudonym, kinda like anonymous.

      "Stacey is a perfect gentleman." Good for him. He and I have regular conversations. We disagree on issues and sometimes I call him an overlord for supporting tyrannical bills. At the end of the day he and I still get along.

      Stacey would get a donation from me if he called Corker a fascist bankster whore in writing on his blog, instead of promoting globalist warmongers like Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

      I could have hidden behind anonymous, just as you did when I posted that the Republicans voted for a fascist bankster whore. I didn't because I didn't want to. I want these serpents to know what I think of them and how dumb people are for supporting them.

    3. Tona, it must be extremely painful to get your hopes up and to get out and work like a dog, trying to win an election, only to be met by such disappointment!
      Somehow, I can feel your pain!

      I wonder, if you feel that politicians are such bad people, why would you possibly want to be one of them?

      The politicians I follow are God-fearing, Christian men and women, who love the Lord and love their families dearly. They have the courage of their convictions and they are strong men and women who go over to Nashville and fight with all they have for what is right for the people of Tennessee.

      They fight to protect the lives of little pre-born babies. They fight to protect school children from being led to believe that any marriage besides Christian marriage between one man and woman is acceptable. They fight to keep children pure and good and protected from making sinful mistakes that would mess up their lives. They fight for countless issues which will help the people of Tennessee.

      Maybe it is all this pent up anger you seem to have which keeps people from voting for you. They wonder if you would fit in, since you often seem so angry!

      Why do you want to know my name? Is it not enough to just accept that someone cares about you and is offering some constructive criticism? Are you not strong enough to accept that? Do you have to go to war with me, even though you don't know me? How well do you feel you would you do in office if you are this confrontational with people you don't even know?

      Tona, we need to get you into a good church, where you will be taught how very much the Lord loves you and how He has a purpose for your life. You need to learn to trust in Him and in His will for your life.

      Love, Anonymous


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