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Friday, August 03, 2012

Senate upsets.

None really. In all cases the sitting legislator or house member moving up won.

Rep./Doc. Joey Hensley STOMPED in what at one time was thought to be a competitive race.

Rep. Frank Niceley won by a pretty good margin even after the NRA came out and dropped his rating from an A+ to a C.
Doug Overby dropped HUGE money into his race outspending his opponent Scott Hughs by what some expect to be 6 or 7 to 1. It was closer then many expected but still not that close.

The one open seat shocker was Todd Gardenhire over Greg Vital by 15 votes. Most thought Vital would outspend Gardenhire and buy it but it was not to be. The (presumably) more conservative Gardenhire dumped enough of his own money in to pull it out.

Where it was contested between sitting legislators Jimmy Kyle beat Morrerro and her sombrero. I personally like that pick. Morrerro was left of left on every single issue but was thought of as more harmless. Kyle is a little more reasonable (well, he could be reasoned with on some things) but is much more aggressive (some say abrasive) when he sets his mind to it. His personal style never mattered as much to me and we have gotten along on a surprising number of non ideological issues.


  1. I didn't have a dog in this fight, so I really couldn't have cared who prevailed yesterday. However, here's one small word of advice for Mr. Vital. The next time you want to get elected to something, stay away from the polls on election day!

    I was working the polls for a congressional candidate with my brother and within a stones throw of Mr. Vital's residence. Needless, to say we were dressed in casual attire. After Mr. Vital made an appearance, my brother and I both just looked at each other in utter amazement. I asked my brother "Did you ever meet a more off-putting, dismissive, pompous, arrogant, ass in your life?". My brother just shook his head and said "Not in my whole life."

    Now, unlike Mr. Vital, my brother and I are both college graduates and know a few things about pompous asses. He's a tax attorney and I hold a few graduate degrees too. In that department, Mr. Vital simply takes the cake. and I'm also happy to say it cost him that precinct.. right in his own backyard. Fifteen votes indeed!

  2. I was going to run in the 28th, However, Dr. Hensley jumped in and put $100,000.00 from day one. Needless to say I did not turn in my petition


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