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Friday, August 03, 2012

So if I eat at Chic-fil-A am I a member of a hate group?

Democrats are freaking out that their nominee for the US Senate is a member of a pro traditional marriage group. They are calling it a "Hate group". It sounds like they are on the verge of throwing him out of the party for his pro family views.

I am just curious if someone eats at a Chic-Fil-a fast food restaurant that is pro traditional marriage does that make them a supporter of a "hate group" and not welcome as a Democrat?
The Democrats have really started to go fringe and close their "big tent" to anything pro family. They have adopted a pro homosexual marriage plank as part of their platform. Now they are saying anyone who doesn’t agree with them is part of a "hate group". I know there used to be several pro family Democrats in the state but those numbers have to be dwindling quickly.

You would think the show of support for traditional marriage at chick fil a the day before huge Republican turnout at the polls yesterday would have taught the Democrats something.

I guess not.
I am sure the Republican party and Chic-fil-a thanks them.


  1. Senator, if the liberals have their way, we will be tagged as a hate group for attending church.

    1. Actually, if they really had their way, churches would be outlawed.


  2. Anyone looked at Canada recently? Their Churches there cannot preach the whole Gospel.


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