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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Clayton test

George Korda does a great article on how Democrats are setting up a litmus test for party membership. 

If you aren't for homosexual marriage or don't think 7 year olds should be taught about homosexuality in schools then you are out of the party.

I think it should be called the Clayton test.


  1. ...and hopefully, please God, this will be their downfall!!!

  2. All the months of piling on the Classroom Protection Act, renaming it the 'don't say gay' bill and parroting it over and over in print and on TV...now painted into a corner with Clayton and kicking 50,000 of their own to the curb. Oh, the humanity...

    Well done Br'er Rabbit. When are they ever going to learn to stop throwing you in the br'er patch?

    Obviously (and unfortunately, because Clayton appears more conservative) this looks to be a concession to Bailout Bob. They can't win, so why not preach to the choir? By the way, their candidate for president still hasn't submitted a non-forged birth certificate. Maybe, if they are really serious about legitimate candidates, they could look into that after Clayton.

    Why sully Clayton's name? I think it should be called the Kerry "your fly is open" Gauthier test.

    1. Eric,

      In what way are classrooms in danger? I know many teachers and none have ever complained about someone secretly trying to convince kids to be gay.

      I don't know what is more offensive...

      1 - You believe people are secretly trying to convince kids to be gay.

      2 - You think being gay is bad.

      This isn't a the classroom protection act, it is an attack on minorities.

    2. I'm not Eric, but I can answer your question for you.

      If homosexuality is taught in the classroom, along with heterosexuality and the traditional family, that might cause a young person to think it is okay, something to be accepted, or morally acceptable.

      The major religions of the world, including Christianity, teach that, not being gay in itself, but that gay sexual expression is gravely sinful. We are to channel all of our energies into doing good. We are to remain pure...

      The classroom protection act protects young people from being taught about something which is wrong, in a way which might seem to say that it is right.

      Young people have enough trouble behaving, especially when they are at an age when their hormones are surging. They do not need to be misled about what is wrong and what is right, which might cause them to make the mistake of experimenting around with things they will later regret.

      This is not an attack on minorities, it is an attempt to help people understand the difference in what is wrong and what is right - what will help them and what will hurt them.

      I have read it, time and time again, it's all throughout the Bible, Old Testament and New Testament, that, not being gay in itself, but the loss of purity through sexual expression with a person of the same sex is gravely sinful, something which, unrepented, can cause a person to lose their salvation.

      In the long run, you will find that your eternal salvation, where you spend eternity, after you die, is a lot more valuable to you than sexual expression with someone of your same sex.

      This teaching is based on God's love for the people He created in His own image, the people He loves so much that He sent His son to die on a cross, for our sins.

      I pray that you will believe...I pray that you will ask God to help you to know the truth...He loves you so much...

  3. "Anonymous",

    I never said the classrooms were in danger. I merely commented on the renaming of Sen. Campfield's bill and the vigorous participation by media outlets to use the "rebranded" name. More specifically the absolute refusal to acknowledge the bill only addressed grades K-8 was very telling. If "it isn't happening here", why fight so hard to keep the door open to teach homosexual sex to grades K-8? You can still teach the HS kids that man-boy love with the congressman in the bushes behind the interstate rest stop is "ok" (or is that "bad", but it would be called hate speech to declare it so?). Now the Democrats are forced to eat their own to keep pushing the homosexual acceptance agenda. The 50,000 Dem primary voters for Clayton just aren't cooperating with the Team D stereotype laid out for them.

    It may offend you that they apparently find homosexuality "bad".

    It is sexual sin, just as fornication and adultery are. It is a perversion of the natural use of our bodies. I believe it is a spiritual battle that is manifested in the physical realm. Lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God. These actions were all prophesied, as are the proud despisers of the truth. I.e., your response is absolutely expected. It must happen. The sinfulness of this world and its acceptance will wax worse and worse. A law cannot fix this or change the people. In either direction. But there is hope. However, if you do not believe in an authority higher than man, you are really left with moral relativism. Then, why should your opinion count more than anyone else's? After all, we all are hypocrites.

  4. Oh it's written in the Bible so it must be bad. Have you ever thought maybe Jesus was a product of rape and the world would have been better off with Mary getting an abortion?

    1. Jesus is the saviour of the world! The Bible tells the story of His life, and it is true. I pray that our Lord will forgive you for saying these unkind words.

      You must be someone who is in a great deal of pain, to have lost your faith like this.

      Please know of the prayers of a number of us who follow this blog. May our Lord put his loving arms around you and, through the power of His love, take your pain away...and give you peace and hope!

    2. So I guess everyone in America must follow the Christian God? Good to know you want to take the south back 1,000 years...

  5. The marriage thing is hypocrisy theocracy. Theocrats have no problem telling the government to get out of their religion, but then have no problem going to the government to force implementation of their religious beliefs. There should be no such thing as a marriage license. Marriage is instituted by God, not the State.

    On homosexuality being taught in classrooms, it's the wrong question. Christians should be asking why they turning the education of their children over to the State.

  6. brainwash... brainwash... brainwash... I love how the word 'sex' alone instills fear in soooo many of you. you see the damn word then reach for your Bibles for fear that the great Horned One will come for you. It's such an archaic argument - but an oddly entertaining one.

    But alas, a certain birdbrain here is an expert on AIDS. Further entertainment.


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