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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Unity rallys only one way

Why is it there is always a unity rally for conservatives to rally behind moderates when the moderates win a primary battle but when conservatives win the day their never seems to be a return of the favor?


  1. Because, sadly, the Republican party is not conservative as they try to portray themselves. No more than the Democratic party is compassionate.

    No, the Republican party is just as bad as the Dems when it comes to being pro-Big Govt, anti-middle class, and controlled by special interest groups.

    The few true conservatives (like yourself) are the ones that the Republican heads hate - because they bring with them the possibility of real reform and not more government. They are the light at the end of the tunnel and not an oncoming train. They are what the Republican heads want to portray themselves as.

    And in the end, that is the real kicker. When people see true liberty-based conservatives in office, it openly proves the lies that the Republican party tells.

  2. It seems we are not the only one's not willing to have a unity dinner. The Democrats have stated they will not support Mark Clayton for US Senate. Politics, gotta love it.....


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