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Monday, August 13, 2012

Why Democrats cant get rid of Mark Clayton

While the Democrats have the legal ability to get rid of Mark Clayton and replace him with a convention chosen candidate they wont do it.

Here are the top 6 reasons why.

6. Time. They are running out of days to make a change. The party is in such disarray they cant even change their underwear much less their candidate for the biggest election in the state. They will over think it and do nothing.

5. They don't have another candidate. While they did like Park, they don't any more. She threw the party under the bus after she got creamed by saying the party promised her money and then never produced. If they went to a convention type pick, then history has had the pick come from the candidates listed on the ballot. The remaining candidates don't look so good either seeing as one of them is awaiting trial for soliciting a 7 year old girl for sex. Yikes!

4. Mark Clayton won the primary by a landslide. The parties hand picked candidate (Park Overall) got 4th. To remove Mark, the Democrats would be disenfranchising over 40,000 voters at a time when they are trying to say the Republican law of voter ID has disenfranchised people (even thought they are hard put to even find a single person who was not allowed to vote since the voter ID bill passed.)  The republican fax machine is warmed up and ready for that presser.
3. Chip Forester really stepped in it when he made the entire issue about homosexual marriage. Had he said about anything else he might have gotten away with it.....But he didn't. Now if they kick Clayton off the ballot they become the homosexual marriage party. As the democrats sink into obscurity even they realize that sort of move in Tennessee would finish them off.
2. The litmus test question. If they kick Mark Clayton off the ballot for being pro life and pro traditional marriage then the question that will obviously come up the next day is, "Who's next?" Will they say a John Mark Wendel cant be a democrat or a Charlie Curtis type candidate is no longer welcome? I mean they support the same issues as Mark Clayton does. Why him and not them?

1. Because I told them not to and if they know whats good for them they will listen. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!


  1. Is that the "famous" actress Park Overall?

  2. Show me one quote where Chip Forrester said the TNDP wasn't supporting him because of gay marriage?

  3. Br'er Rabbit throws down another gauntlet.....will they toss him in the briars again?


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