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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Yes, He is a Democrat.

There is a lot of talk going around about conservative Democrat Mark Clayton being thrown off the ballot by Democrats after his landslide primary election win because of his conservative views. Many Democrats are saying he is not a Democrat and is really a Republican/TEA party plant.

I can speak from experience on that.

It is not so.

I try to take all calls that come to my office and talk to the people be it pro or con.

While working to pass the classroom protection act in Tennessee, Mark called my office several times to offer support for the legislation. Mark would often start the conversation with how he was a Democrat but liked the legislation's pro family/state neutrality goal. We talked on other issues (such as traditional marriage) and we agreed there as well. He said he was a old time conservative Democrat like a John Mark Wendel or John Jay Hooker. He mentioned how some Democrats in the legislature voted for the traditional marriage definition be put in the constitution.

He mentioned how he was going to run for the US Senate and had before as a Democrat. I told him how I thought he was in the wrong party. The values of the "Old time" christian,   conservative, Democrat party were gone. How the Democrats had been taken over by the radical fringe and many Democrats were now becoming Republican.

He was set to continue forward.

I really didn't think much of it at the time because I knew the Democrats were really pushing Park Overall. I guess Mark (and many Democrat voters) missed  the memo or Mark had a message that still resonated with a few "pro family" Democrats.

He won.

This threw the democrat party into a fit. Instead of kicking the Democrat off the ballot who is under indictment for trying to molest a 7 year old, the Democrat party is looking to purge anyone who has views similar to the presidents views until a few months ago.

We clearly see what is and what is not acceptable to be a Democrat any more. As I said, radical fringe. Where will those "Old time" Pro family Democrats go?

The Republican party is a big tent. You are welcome here.


  1. Stacey I disagree with you that the Republican Party is a "big tent". Both parties have been taken over by the radical elements of the far right and far left. There is no moderate Republicans or Democrats that can win a primary election. Compromise is the key to governing and both parties are ruled by the radicals. There is no respect of one's different opinion.

  2. Big tent? Hardly. Look at how the Republican party treated Ron Paul.

    Blount County Chairman Susan Mills wouldn't let me speak to the party on behalf of Ron Paul, even though I was approved by the Ron Paul campaign to be on the ballot in 2008 and 2012 as a delegate candidate for Ron Paul and was endorsed by Ron Paul in 2008. She did allow someone from Knox Co., with a ring in her nose, to speak. Mills babbled something nebulous about neutrality, but never defined it.

    The Big Tent is only open if you don't criticize Republicans. The 11th Commandment: Thou shalt vote Republican. The 12th Commandment: Thou shalt not criticize a Republican.

  3. (Post by Wag) The Republican Party WAS a big tent, back in the days of Reagan. As soon as they fooled southern conservatives into joining the tent, they closed ranks fast. By 2003, every Republican sounded like Bill O'Reilly. Only now, with Ron Paul and the "Liberty Movement", is there any semblance of diversity in the party again, but we saw what they did about it. Make no mistake. The GOP was founded by wealthy, warmongering, opportunistic northern financiers, and it will always ultimately serve those interests.


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