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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Caught on video.

Dan "the man" Andrews  catches me at an early meeting at a local landmark. Watch out Dan, if you keep that up you might ruin my reputation.

Wrights Cafeteria, the local for the meeting is about to have its 50th anniversary celebration. Owner David Wright was able to sit down with us and talk the history of his landmark for a few minutes when he wasn't prepping his famous meatloaf.. It was quite interesting.


  1. Are you and David Wright friends after the GOP elite ran him against you several years ago? I hear they are grooming another opponent for you in 2014.

  2. Questions:

    Do you believe in Evolution?
    Do you believe in climate change?
    Do you believe we should be studying stem cell research?

    1. I don't usually let potential opponents do opposition research on my blog but I am feeling good and since all my comments are protected (see the disclaimer at the bottom of the page) This time I will.

      I believe things adapt.

      I do think the climate changes. It has done it several times in world history. How much of it is caused by the acts of man I think is still in question.

      Should we be studying research? I would say yes. Why else do the research? Should we be doing the research in the first place is the big question. There are different kinds of stem cell research what kind do you mean?

      When they were using embryonic stem cells the results were minuscule and I think set a bad president seeing as they were anti life.

      My understanding is those same type stem cell can now be reproduced in a lab so no children are sacrificed to do the study. I see no problem with using lab made cells to do studies but as I said, past history has shown limited scientific achievement from those stem cell versus regular stem cell research.

  3. Looking good, Senator Campfield!!!

    Your high level of interest in education is one of the many strengths which will help you be re-elected.

    There are so very many people out here who believe in you and support you in all the good work you are doing for the people of Tennessee!


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