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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Convention notes Part III

The final day...

Everyone was signing the sign that said Tennessee. The floor was packed from almost the get go.


Seeing Newt a few days earlier I was hoping he might get a talking spot. I was told he was being shut out, but he was given a spot on the closing night. He split his time talking with his wife Calista on stage. I have no idea why she was up there in the first place but Newt looked like he would be flat, with or without her.


The crowd was jacked that he was going to be the special guest! I love his old (and newer) movies.

Most of the convention seemed scripted to the final words and with all the great movie lines Clint has had a blind monkey could have typed out a great speech.

Clearly the monkeys were busy, because Clint was a mess.

I'm sorry to say. Clint was a disaster. I am sure you could pull a sound bite or two out of what he said and try to spin it as great (As many a radio host or fan have already done) but when listened to it in the full context with out editing it was sad. Sort of like listening to Grandpa Simpson on "The Simpson's".

Disjointed, wondering, he got lost at points, he jumped topics, who knows what that chair was all about and he looked like he didn't even comb his hair (It was sticking up all over in a BAD way). His family or friends should not have let him do that. I don't think he ever said "I am voting for Mitt" or even "Vote for Mitt". More just that someone who wasn't getting the job done had to go. I feared someone might have to come up and pull him off stage at the end but luckily he ended it.

  That was painful.

My pre season pick for VP (Marco Rubio) did a great job pulling the train back up on the tracks with his story about his father and bringing it back around to the economy as a lead up to the highlight (Mitt). I would say Rubio was the top speaker of the evening.

Mitt did a good job last night. Probably one of the best times I have heard him speak since his concession speech 4 years ago. (I am sure it was his finally getting to shake my hand as he walked to the podium that amped him up). Previous to his coming up he had 2 families speak about the human side of the things he has done as well as others who talked about how Bain saved and created jobs. I think that really helped soften his image and clear up the Bain questions (Areas they wanted to polish). While he did good and was the headliner I don't think he was or is the best speaker.

Not even for the night.

Rubio was better that night  and Mitt would fall in about 4th or 5th for the convention if I were ranking them. Still a good showing and he did what he needed to do.

After it was all over the balloons came down and everyone headed for the doors.

Overall, I would say it was a good pep rally/convention. A lot of the questions about Mitt were answered and or smoothed over as I am sure was one of their top goals.

It was clear by the speaker line up the party was reaching out to Latinos and females. Almost every speaker also hit on "You didn't build that". Expect that to be a reoccurring theme in the weeks and months to come.


  1. Isn't Marco Rubio ineligible to be Pres? Not sure why you liked that we choose more government nonsense he babbled. It sounded like he was preaching a sermon for salvation through the Republican Party.

    Rubio is another big government Republican. Tea Partiers are idiotic for backing him.

  2. I was out of the country for the whole convention, without internet access for most of the time.

    The only part I took the time to review on YouTube was Clint's speech. I thought it was pretty good. But I am not a professional politician, just a voter.



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