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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Did you ever notice...

I keep hearing in the media about how Republicans have a huge gender gap with woman yet the polls show the presidential race almost dead even.

For this to be true, wouldn't the Democrats have to have an equally huge gender gap on the other side of the coin?

I never seem to hear about how Democrats have a huge gender gap among men.

Of course after the way the MSM shut out showing how so much of the Republican convention was lead by Latinos (A group that is more elected by Republicans then Democrats) and females I guess nothing they do/say report or cover up surprises me any more.

I have gotten so I find it hard to listen to the Democrat talking points any longer. Last night (After repeated haranguing) I agreed to watch the Democrat convention until the first out and out lie. Not an opinion, not a point of view but a lie. It took all of about 30 seconds. About 10 seconds in I was yelling at the TV and then the person talking started saying how Romney said he wanted to fire teachers and police officers or fire fighters (I honestly cant recall witch one he said)  I got so mad I had to shut it off.

After the over blown reaction by the hair splitting police because Paul Ryan said a factory had closed (when in reality there was just no one working there any more) I figure this would be all over the news. So far, not much coverage.


  1. 1 - 73% of Latinos elected to Congress since 1990 have been Democrats

    2 - It is mostly true that Romney is not interested in more firemen and teachers. http://www.politifact.com/tennessee/statements/2012/jun/18/tennessee-democratic-party/tennessee-democrats-accuse-romney-saying-more-cops/

    3 - Paul Ryan was factually wrong on many things, to quote fox news.... "Ryan’s speech was an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech."


    Darn facts.

    Thanks for reading this and then not posting it! You have the facts and you'll continue to ignore them.

    1. 1. If you go back 20 plus years that may have been the case but if you look at current numbers Republicans have more Latino Governors, mayors and other positions all included.

      2. Romney never said it. You are making an assumption based on what you want it to say. Not what he actually said. I could do something similar and say "Obama said he wants to kill American soldiers" except he never said it.....but his actions, in my opinion said he does so that makes it mostly true right????

      3. As I said, its hair splitting. It may not be officially "Closed" but if no one or virtually no one is working there its tough to make the argument that its open and rolling as Obama promised all its workers it would be before they were laid off.

  2. 50% of Latino Governors were Democrat

    57% of Latino senators are Democrat

    73% of Latinos elected to Congress since 1990 have been Democrats

    I could go through the long list of mayors but look no further than your home if you want to talk about mayors. Madeline Rogero is 50% Latino and 50% Italian and wait what.... what is that.... she is a DEMOCRAT.

    Ah sorry Stacey.... FACTS WIN AGAIN.

    You can scream at the top of your lungs that Republican elect more Latinos but I went through every position you named.

    Please for the life of God, start using or listening to facts. This doubling down on lies thing that you do is so horrible.

    1. Wow! you can name one elected official in TN. Well I can do that too.

      Senator Delores Grisham. Republican First generation Latina, Tennessee.

      Rep. Bill Dunn Republican (born in Panama)

      I said all (Current) offices included mayors etc.

      My direct quote is "Republicans have more Latino Governors, mayors and other positions"

      You went back 20 plus years for one stat on past congress people (that I did not mention) that did not disprove what I said.

      I was talking current sitting office holders.

      You can try to change the question to suit your desired outcome but that does not make it true.

    2. The funny thing is I used your website to find that 100% of current Latino governors are REPUBLICAN.

      Going back to 1899 to try and prove your point is pretty weak if you ask me.


  3. For the rest:

    2 - Did you ever read the link?

    3 - When Fox News thinks Ryan lied, wow...


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