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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Diversity starts at home.

Democrats are saying legislators need to go to diversity training after Jim Summerville said he "Didn't give a rats @ss what the black caucus thinks" and I said we should not listen to racial segregationists.

I agree. All those legislators who are in a caucus that openly segregate themselves based on race and refuse full membership to their caucus solely based on a persons skin color should learn that diversity is good. It is needed.

Classes for those members might help.


  1. Please stop picking fights, we don't need this negative attention.

  2. Agreed - I've always wondered why those groups were allowed to exist yet any other separated group would be ostracized.

  3. What Jim Summerville said should not have been said, but I'd bet he expressed the private thoughts of most of the Republican Caucus (and probably a few rural Democrats).

    When the Black Caucus becomes truly committed to the value of diversity that they claim to uphold and allows people of all races to join them and participate, we'll talk about diversity training.


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