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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Figures lie.

Ah, CNN. I always know I can count on you to misrepresent polling numbers. I have said all along the presidential race is not going to be close. It is going to be Ronald Reagan Jimmy Carter II type of beat down. I knew the polling numbers we keep hearing had to be off big time.

Now one report shows how they do it and says what I have been saying all along. With a proper representation of likely voters in the polling, It wont be close.

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  1. "With a proper representation of likely voters..."

    Proper as in the John Boehner teleprompter way, or the Mark Clayton way, or the SCYTL spanish vote counters kind of way?

    Intrade has been pretty accurate over time (people willing to put their money where their mouth is - not a poll). Not looking good for Rmoney at the moment.


    But, the casino operators at the Fed are still backing him up:


    They have called the last three elections.


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