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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lets put those legal boys to work

I do this blog for fun but I have put in some legal things to protect my writings. This disclaimer is at the bottom of all pages on this blog.

"Please note. The statements listed above are the opinion of the noted writer of the above or listed document. The information should be construed as open opinion and information contained in this document represents opinion or facts to the best of the writers knowledge and should not be viewed as permanent certified facts but as the way the information is interpreted by the opinion of the author. Any and all information, statements, comments and opinions are the sole property of the author. Absolutely no duplication or distribution in any form outside of the exclusive on line media community is allowed without expressed written permission of the author. On line media distribution or duplication must credit and link to this website where possible. "

It seems some people not of the exclusive on line media community are now trying to profit from what I say on here without my permission. That is a fast way to end up in court.

Possibly I should charge for my writings....or do a book.

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