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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Missed it.

As I said in a previous post, I cant watch the Democrat nomination speeches if I want to get a good nights sleep. I awoke early and read a few reviews. I have a few questions.

When Clinton spoke, he supposedly attacked Republicans on about every issue under the sun. Did he give a good definition of "Legitimate rape" to for Todd Akin and Juanita Broaddrick?

There was supposedly a floor fight late in the night about putting how Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel and putting God back in the party platform.

The chairman looks clearly flummoxed on what to do. It sounds to me like the "No's" clearly won it much less the "Aye's" getting 2/3.  Will this floor fight be reported for days like the much smaller Ron Paul delegate floor fight was reported ad nauseum for the Republican convention?


  1. Aside from this astonishing display in that video, the evidence made clear is the US Democratic Party is irretrievably split. Reading the tea leaves, I would recommend Mahmoud Ahmadinejad find an exit strategy.

  2. Maybe he should'a borrowed Bailout Boehner's teleprompter so it would be clear which way it was rigged.

    I'll agree the message to their party sheeple was the same as the RNC: your vote doesn't mean jack. Somebody higher up the oligarchy food chain makes the decisions. At least the Dems didn't officially pass rules declaring they can nullify/ignore/change their party member's votes. They still have to cheat out in the open.

  3. The only thing the media said ad nauseam about Ron Paul was that he couldn't win, when he was a 12 term congressman. Mitt Romney was a one term Governor and Santorum was beaten badly in his last Senate race, but it was only Ron Paul who couldn't win.


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