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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My big book deal

This isn't aimed at any one in particular because I   have seen it happen over and over in both state and local politics.  I never seem to be able to comprehend why so many former local politicos think they can wright books on their time in office that people would want to buy.

Why any one would pay to publish or read about them or somewhat recent history is beyond me. I mean come on. In most cases the politician went around door to door begging in the hopes that 10% of the population would go to the bother of pushing a button for their opinion. Many spent money running for office to give people their opinion. Most would probably do it for free. Who would want to pay to hear about it now that they aren't even in office?

 Close friends and family members may begrudgingly buy one book out of charity but thats about it. If the people really wanted to hear something from you they could probably just call you up and ask you. Its not like you are hidden away at some mysterious secret island bunker where no one can contact you.

If you had a thought or opinion on a key issue, you probably already shared it on your facebook or blog where people can read for free. If you were in office during a controversial issue or were part of a scandal we probably already read about it 50 times in the local papers to the point that it is no longer interesting.

If it wasn't even interesting enough to put on one of those places for free or low cost why do you think people would suddenly want to pay to hear about it from you again now?
Are people really still clamoring for interviews to find out about your inner most hidden thoughts on the issues of the day or your 15 minutes in office? I doubt it. 

........Hey, that give me an idea for a book..............

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