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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Big parties.

This time of year it gets hectic and fun if you are in or around the political scene. There have been a bunch of big events going on all around Knoxville in just the last few days. Last night was the POETS meeting (a gathering of a group of TEA party  type folks in Knoxville)  I was the guest speaker.

Then there were two big fundraisers,  John Reagan had one with the Governor, Beth Harwell and Barry Goldwater JR . While I didn't make it I hear there were well over 300 people at it and it was a huge success.

After talking at the POETS meeting, I slid into the Steve Hall fundraiser at former councilman Joe Baileys house. The Governor and Beth showed up while I was there but  when I showed up it was already rocking. Some people I talked to told me that it was even busier before I got there but I don't know how that was possible or  where they could have put more people.  While Joe has a beautiful large home it was packed . I should have known  it was full when there were police directing traffic just to park.

Good event.

Today, there is an event for Gary Loe at Club LeConte starting at 11 (I think). Big Jim Haslam is putting it on. That should be another good one.


  1. If you have the connections and walk and talk the correct way, money is no problem. Political races are like horse races, bets are placed on winners. In order to win, you must conduct a winning campaign on appearance to get financial support.

  2. Police directing traffic at a private fundraiser? That seems odd.

    1. While I cant say for sure they were probably rent a cops. I often see them used by churches on the same road (Kingston Pike)


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