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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Voter suppression

It is funny to me how we hear so much about "voter suppression" when we passed voter photo ID. We have had 2 state wide elections now. I stand ready to get the list of people who were not allowed to vote because of the law we passed.

So far, the number turned over has added up to 0.

On the other hand, when legislation comes up to keep from voting for judges (as the constitution requires)  the same people go silent.

When legislation comes up to limit who can run for office (putting standards higher then are required for president)  the same people go silent.

When legislation comes up to take away the peoples right to vote on their county constitutional officers (sheriff, property assessor, county trustee, etc.) the same people go silent.

How many voters have been disenfranchised from those changes?



  1. Look at me! I can prove my state senator wrong with 20 seconds and google! Do you ever care about the facts?


    Turner-Golden says her purse containing her driver’s license was stolen a couple of weeks ago. When she went to the polls, Turner-Golden took her social security card and birth certificate with her, but those were not accepted because they do not have photos on them. Turner-Golden says her city-issued library card with her photo on it was also turned down.

    1. And by law she still should have been allowed to cast a ballot and return later with proper ID and have her vote counted.

      Sorry, no cookie for you.

    2. My Social Security card states in bold red letters "Not to be used for identification".

  2. And in just over a minute I've found another link.


    But you're always right? right?

    I can't prove you wrong with facts. You'll just scream that you're right and I'm wrong.

    You'll continue to make us look as ignorant as you are.

    1. And if you read the follow up to that story you will learn she got her ID and voted. I'm sorry that the full story scares you and makes you feel ignorant but I guess your original assumptions have a way of doing that.

  3. I guess you'll attack this Tennessee marine too.


    1. Do you even read your own links???

      "Thompson was told that he could cast a vote by way of a provisional ballot which he would have two days to fill out."


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