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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Why not look north?

As the Gov flies to the Far East to look to cement ties with foreign companies he might want to think about a stop off on the way home in the North East to try and pull a few bigger employers out of there. It seems Colt is not too happy with some new gun laws in NY and may be looking to move.

Tennessee already has a rich gun history with Ronnie Barrett of Barrett manufacturing and John Browning (Of Browning Rifle fame) who also has strong Tennessee ties.

Those are good jobs too.

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  1. Or Colt could move to PA, where, besides Philadelphia's self-imposed illegal laws, state law allows concealed carry virtually anywhere (including while you're consuming a glass of wine at a bar). And you don't need a carry permit to open carry. And the permit is only $27. And you don't need to pay $150 for a concealed carry class. And you can't have your permit stripped by some over-zealous sheriff with a bone to pick.

    So why would Colt move to Tennessee for better gun laws when it could just relocate across the state line?

    Get to work, Stacey!


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