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Monday, September 10, 2012

Yep, were number one.

Andy Sher gives us the good news from Justin Wilson that Tennessee's debt went DOWN in this slow economy.

So lets see, since Republicans have taken over in a bad economy Tennessee has:

Cut spending.

Cut the sales tax on food.

Killed  the death tax.

Increased our bond rating.

Cut the Hall income tax.

Fully funded the BEP education formula.

Balanced the budget.

Had students test scores go up

And now decreased debt.

Reagan used to talk about the "shining city on the hill" I think Tennessee is turning into  "The shining state on the hill."


  1. Slightly off topic, but I don't understand the issue with the test scores going up. If test scores went up, it is presumably because the teachers have pushed harder. But if teachers pushed harder, why are principals being instructed to evaluate more strictly so that teachers scores go down?

  2. There is some guy named Obama who gave Tennessee money. I guess you don't want to mention him....


    Thanks for taking all the credit! When will you ever learn to play nice with others.

    1. Again with the "jobs saved" BS.


      Save it for some rube who will buy into it.

      Any jobs created were created in spite of the money borrowed from China. I saw where the money went. Only about 2% went to "shovel ready" jobs.


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