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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And now for the poll of eskimos...

As the election draws closer and closer you keep hearing about the same certain voting blocks "Latino vote", the "Blacks vote", "Pro choice woman vote", "gay vote", "Millionaires", "Movie stars" etc.

The media seems obsessed.....but only with certain groups.

 I really don't like talking about people as blocks all that much. I find  it divisive in that we are all Americans first. But since it is all the rage I thought I would see if we can get a report on some other segments of society you seldom hear about.

How about the pro life/child woman's vote? Seeing as more woman consider themselves pro life then pro abortion you might think its a segment worthy of conversation. Where is their input on the election? Where do they stand? I mean  all we hear is "Vote like your lady parts depend on it!" Like all woman are pro abortion,  I always thought of this type advertising as very "Me, Me, Me" centered in that it refused woman the right to think beyond themselves, that they should be refused the right to  think about the parts of their unborn child or  dismissive as if  woman were not smart enough to vote with their brains or had no other value or issues beyond their sexuality.   Is that all that counts for 50% of the population? I doubt it.

How bout the pro life female minority vote? Seeing as they are even more pro life then their white counterparts how are they not being heard from? Where do they stand?

How about the unemployed vote and all their segments (Unemployed gays, unemployed woman, unemployed minorities)?  Since all their numbers seemed to have grown so much I just wonder what their thoughts are on the President? Have they remained static?

Gun owners vote? The christian vote?The military vote? farmer vote? middle income vote? lower income vote? Where do they stand on the issues?   Do their votes not count or is that only for reporting on election day? I mean the media has made the Lilly Leadbetter act a major issue and less then 20 people have been effected by that legislation in the last 4 years. If we are going to go down in the weeds cant we take a look at the trees as well?


  1. Stacey, I cannot go on your website and read your latest postings without that tape about Obama being beaten in Chicago playing real loud.

    Could you please go in there and fix this so that I don't have to listen to it again every time I go on your blog? So that I don't have to scroll down and fix this myself again and again? Thanks very much!

    1. Thanks very much! As usual, you the best!


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