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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

At the polls.

I was at the down town west polling location again today, In the middle of the day (2:30 ish?) Even though the line was moving fast, the line out the door was 25 people long. I never saw it shorter then about 5 people out the door.

Usually there is a big push on the first day  and another at the end. Not so this election. Polling numbers have gone up every day so far.


  1. This election is one of the most exciting things I have ever been through in my entire life! The predicted super-majorities in both State House and Senate are just incredible!

    The presidential election is just almost more
    excitement than I can take. I know, by this reporting of the numbers at the polls, that other people are feeling the same way! The stakes are just so high!

    If we find we have to put up with four more years, I honestly do not know how I will manage. People everywhere are in prayer, some are even fasting. May God bless America!

  2. Oh yes anonymous Robamney is such an exciting choice and in Blount County we get to vote whether or not to steal our neighbors goods through the force of government. Yeah Romney is going to be so much better than Obama and I can't wait to see how much lower even more R's in the State House and Senate will allow our globalist Government to go.


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