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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chicken then goose on Turkey

Tonight is a double dip of good events.

First is the Tennessee Right to life banquet with special guest Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey. It is kicking off at  6PM at the Knoxville convention center. You can find more information here. I think they are serving chicken.

That should let out just in time to slide on over to the Knoxville GOP Victory center on Kingston pike next to Naples and watch the carving of that other stuffed goose. No. Not big bird (There is no way that bird is steroid or hormone free). I am talking about Joe Biden.  That kicks off at 8. It should be a fun night all around.


  1. Hey, Stacey, I thought the debate begins at 9:00, which would give those attending the TRL banquet more time to enjoy Lt. Gov. Ramsey's speech, before scrambling home and elsewhere to watch the debate...is it at 8:00 or 9:00?

    1. The debate starts at 9. I think the pre party starts at 8.

  2. Biden's constantly smiling and laughing, while Ryan was talking, reminded me of a demon straight out of hell!

    Biden was so incredibly disrespectful of Ryan, but that turned out to be a good thing, because Ryan showed that he wasn't bothered in the least by this. This showed us how very strong Ryan is, and we needed to see that. We also saw that Ryan was never once disrespectful of Biden. He is a true gentleman!


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