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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Debate rundown

I can usually call a debate pretty fairly but  I (unlike the big media) will admit up front I am biased. I think the Obama policies are killing our country. Still,  here is my take best I can present.

 I liked the free flow format with limited direct questions. It was more of, open up a topic and let it rip. I am not sure that was the moderators intent or that he even had a clue (The questions were fuzzy at best)  but the back and forth between the two gave more then enough points on the key issues.

Romney won. Clearly. He was on the attack and spoke well on every issue. No gaffs, no stammering as he has in other debates. He had a clearly better presentation on almost every single issue.

Romney's highlight was on taxes and the budget. That entire segment he crushed. The Romney 5 point plan I think played well. Obama got hit over and over and had very little to nothing in return. I think Romney saying no cuts for the well off threw Obama off his game. Obama's class warfare argument crumbled after that and you could see it all over his face. He didn't seem to have anything from then on. Obama even called the mercy rule and tried to get the moderator to change topics. That looked bad!

 Romney's low point on issues was probably health care. Not that he did bad but there wasn't enough of a difference to really slam home a point.

Obama often tried to swing the debate to education (sometimes out of nowhere) and I will give Obama credit, it is an area he should try to stay in, but again, there wasn't a big difference so Obama didn't win anything big there either.

 Romney won the zinger battle. There were many but his "You just pick the losers" was my personal favorite.

Obama possibly won the likability battle. The Obama anniversary comment sounded canned to me, but I may be too biased. I will give him that and I thought Romney looked bad interrupting so much, but having been in debates I could see how at times he had to do that to make his point clear. 

Overall, I thought Obama looked flat, unprepared and didn't really have an answer to a lot of the points Romney made. I think the best he did was to say the Romney plan wasn't detailed enough but that's was not a plan for the future of his own. Obama was slow and stammering. A lot. I have always given Obama credit as a great speaker. Tonight he wasn't and it was all over his face.

If I were scoring it, I would say out of 4 rounds Romney won 3 rounds 10 to 9 and one round 10 to 8. 


  1. I agree that Romney won the debate tonight but I seriously doubt if it made any difference in the race.

    Within the next twenty years there will be only two major national political parties; the Democratic and Socialist. The liberal whites, blacks and Hispanic probably account for over 65% of the voters.

  2. As anon said, Romney clearly won the debate, but it may or may not have a tangible effect on the outcome.

    In fact, I'll go on record as saying it will not have an affect on the outcome. Regardless of which of the two candidates wins on Nov. 6, We the People will wake up with a socialist as President-elect on Nov. 7.

  3. So what. The differences between Romney and Obama on important issues are so miniscule it's not worth the headache trying to figure out which idiot won.


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