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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Debate wrap II

I think Obama came out to play much more so in this debate then he did in his first debate flop. I will give Obama the win on education. It was one area that Obama has some success, but it wasn't a huge difference. Obama possibly won also on the bailout. I think Romney won on jobs and the economy. He hit it tons. When the African American gentleman said he voted for Obama last time but this time he wasn't so sure, that was a hard hit for Obama among his base. I think Romney did well following up hitting him over and over on the stats and really drove it home.

The only issue Romney probably did better on was when he talked about energy and gas prices. I think that really hurt Obama and the question itself was crushing. Obama didn't really have anything effective to say on the issue.

Obama did well pushing class warfare again, but he missed some big shots. I thought he would say the 47% thing more then he did but he didn't. If I were him I would have. Obama also didn't seem to talk about bipartisanship at all. Romney crushed in that area last time. I thought Obama would, to try to win some swing votes but he didn't even bother to offer anything. Possibly Obama won on the women's issue (the pay discrepancy question was a false stat in the reason for the pay discrepancy is not discrimination) but I though Romney spun out well saying it all comes back to jobs and getting people back to work. I will say Obama probably riled up his base with the abortion and birth control question but it probably riled up the other side just as much.

I think Romney won on illegal immigration. Not that he did great but it was an area Obama should have crushed him. He didn't. It was a push. I think Romney missed a possible shot at Obama when he was talking about self deportation. Obama bragged more illegals have left the US in the last 4 years. I thought Romney could have agreed in that and said the reason was because our economy has been so bad.

The "I hate Bush" question looked like a cheap shot type question but I will say it was balanced out by the African American who hit Obama. Romney spun well and Obama didn't really hit him on it.

The tax policy question I think Romney did OK talking about how he wanted to cut some taxes but I think Obama did well spinning and counter hitting him on not being specific on how he will balance tax cuts with spending cuts. I keep waiting for Romney to hit him on not being willing to work on passing a budget.

Foreign policy, if you go just by what was said I think Obama won by taking responsibility but I think the Obama administration will pay the price for the denial on the reason in the long run and that will play out over the next few days. I think everyone knows Obama blamed the video.

Obama looked weak on gun control. Romney looked OK. I think the moderator crossed the line when she took a shot about Romney and his "Gun ban" but Romney spun out well. She did the same on the Rose garden question. I don't think its up to the moderator to say who was telling the truth or not. That is up to the people debating and the press after the debate.

Over all presentation I think Obama spoke somewhat haltingly. Romney spoke well but looked a little too aggressive. Not Biden crazy but a little bit heavy. Although jobs is a big issue I think Romney went to the well too much he even gave up a chance to say how he has been misportrayed to go after the Obama jobs record. I think Obama closed out the debate well in his closing statement and related better but never really laid out a plan for the future.

Who won over all? If I were scoring it I would say it was 3 to 2 Romney. A slight win. Not huge. Slight. I could even see how some hard core Dems might have said Obama won. But with the momentum going in Romney's direction I don't think Obama did enough to stop the momentum. At best he slowed it but he didn't reverse it. As the days narrow thats a big problem for Obama.


  1. Not much of a post-debate change at the Intrade table:


  2. We lose either way. Vote for Gary Johnson or save your gas money and stay home.

    Things won't change with Romney, the front runner politician to ObamaCare, then "I'll repeal ObamaCare", even though a President can't repeal laws, and now the I like parts of ObamaCare politician.

    Usually politicians wait until after an election to flip-flop and break promises. Romney changes positions multiple times during his campaigns. Obama at least waited until he got in office to start his flip-flopping hypocrisy.

  3. The assault weapon ban in Massachusetts was a gun ban - no quotation marks are needed. It is as strict a gun ban as we have in the US at this time. Romney was behind it 100%. He is as anti-gun as the President. That and a few other reasons constitute my rationale for abstaining from voting for Obama or Romney - going with Gary Johnson this time.

    A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama.

    Romney did win the debate, though. Hands down.

  4. Go ahead, throw your vote away!


    Robamney 2012!


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