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Monday, October 08, 2012

Lamar! on forign intervention

I went to the west Knox Republican Club meeting tonight with guest speaker Lamar! Alexander. It was a lot of the cut and dry campaign speech stuff but we did a little Q&A at the end.

 I couldn't resist.

My question for Lamar! was "Has supporting democracy and countries shifting to democracies in the middle east been a good thing for the US?"

Long and short he said "No"


  1. Yet again he shows his liberal bent. We need a real conservative in the Senate from TN instead of Corker and Alexander - the dynamic duo of leftism in (R) clothing.

  2. Usagi, I agree. Unfortunately, Republican voters seem to eat it up and have no desire for a "real conservative". They rewarded Bailout Bob with 85% approval at the primary polls. Nary a whimper from the state GOP about Bob and bailouts, stimulus, cash-4-clunkers parts I and II, confirming Bernanke & Geithner, cap-and-trade, gang of 10, forced buyout of GM, etc.

    Instead these guys are their guest speakers.

    I can only assume this "leftism" really is what the Republicans are about.

  3. Why ding Ron Paul then, like you did? He was right saying we should have minded our own business. Besides it's not Democracy we're spreading. It's crony capitalism and taking what the overlords want.


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