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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Listening tour stop

I will be at Down town west polling location today starting at 11:00 as part of my listening tour. If you have any issues you would like to talk about with me feel free to stop by and chat as you vote early.


  1. You're on a listening tour? Maybe you will listen to my complaint that I am not sure Romney can get enough electoral votes to win.
    I really do not want four more years...is there any hope?

  2. I want to know why the Republican controlled legislature let Haslam get away with being the least fiscally conservative Republican Governor in the country. http://www.cato.org/pubs/wtpapers/GRC2012.pdf

    1. Ok, if you were listening, a response would be nice. I'd ask my Senator, but he's Doug Overbey. I just as well talk to a snake.

    2. What do you want to see Tona? I didn't vote for it.

    3. Ok, you can't speak for all the other legislators, but why do you feel the Republicans let Haslam be the least fiscally responsible Governor in the nation? With Republican control, you could put a lid on his spending.

      What years did you vote against the budget?

    4. I anm not sure the exact years. I voted for 1 or 2 while in the house. You will have to ask other legislators on their reasoning. I would not presume.

    5. Yeah, but you're around these people a lot and you stick up for Republicans like they're a lot better than Democrats. You seriously don't know why they vote to let Haslam blow so much money, after hanging out with these people for several months of the year?


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