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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Listening tour stop

My next listening tour stop is today at the UT Knoxville University Center

1502 West Cumberland Avenue, Room 227 (or 100 feet from the door  of the voting location)

Arrival: 11:00 AM / until the last constituent is served


  1. Stacey, don't be surprised if a few liberals on the UT campus stop by there and give you a hard time. There are plenty of them over there, and, if they hear you are there, may go out of their way to stop by and persecute you a little bit.

    1. I know, I have my own personal stalker at UT who does more to advertise my events then I do.

    2. Funny. You refused to answer a group of constituents. A few in that group happened to be CONSERVATIVES wanting answers. You openly call an opponent a stalker? Sounds more like you're too scared to discuss issues face to face with an audience. You did nothing more than embarrass yourself today, stayed for around an hour, and had, what, 2 people who weren't there to support Mr. Stevens come and actually speak to you? Sounds like no matter how much "advertising" you receive, people are simply tired of you. You call it a "Listening Tour" yet you hear no one.

    3. Funny. You refused to answer a group of constituents. A few in that group happened to be CONSERVATIVES wanting answers. You openly call an opponent a stalker? Sounds more like you're too scared to discuss issues face to face with an audience. You did nothing more than embarrass yourself today, stayed for around an hour, and had, what, 2 people who weren't there to support Mr. Stevens come and actually speak to you? Sounds like no matter how much "advertising" you receive, people are simply tired of you. You call it a "Listening Tour" yet you hear no one.

    4. Sorry you are so closed minded I was their and responded to any and all questions asked of me of the 9 or 10 people who asked them.

    5. And as for the number of turnout, low turnout for these sort of events is usually a good sign. Not a lot of issues of concern.

      For the opposite effect see this years election. High turnout to get rid of Obama. Of those who spoke with me most seemed happy except those that I refer to as the 2% club. Those whose top issue is the sodomy lifestyle.

  2. I believe that you may be in violation of copyright and trademark laws re: your political signage. Myself, and several of your other "stalkers" (give me a break--you THRIVE on attention) have contacted Coca-Cola about your use of their colors and font.
    I'm not sure they'll be pleased to know that you are using their brand to advance yourself.
    Tom Cogburn,
    Knoxville, TN

    1. Sorry Tom but your knowledge of copyright law is about the same as it is on many issues. Lacking.

  3. *than? You make grammatical errors much?

    1. Yes, I am human and not an english teacher. I never claimed to be. If you want perfection you need to look back about 2000 years.

    2. I assume you mean Jesus, when you are saying look back about 2000 years??
      If you are revering to him as perfect, why do you not strife to be more like him? love people, support them, help them, forgive them, etc.
      And try to lower suicide rates, rather than trying to increase them?

    3. I am. We don't need to be teaching sexual confusion to young impressionable minds. It confuses them and could lead to suicide but lets look at the bigger picture. Can you respond to a few simple question for me?

      How many people who have died of AIDS were homosexual? Do you think schools should be teaching impressionable children that the activity that will increase their odds of catching HIV over 50X the average person should be taught as normal and acceptable?

    4. It is Senator Campfield's imitation of Jesus that causes him to try and protect young people from being taught that lifestyles, which can either kill them or mess up their lives morally, are okay.

      He loves, supports, helps, and forgives young people, by trying to protect them from making mistakes which can ruin their lives.

      This is just like the Lord Jesus, who taught, all throughout the Bible, that, not being gay in itself, but engaging in gay sexual behavior is very seriously, very gravely wrong.

      The young people who are committing suicide are not the ones who are living lives of purity, but they are the ones who are acting out on their homosexual tendencies and unable to live with the guilt which results. That's why they want to die, because of the guilt!

      Senator Campfield is trying to protect them from all of this misery.

  4. I'm just dropping by to comment that our discussion was enlightening, to say the least. I only wish that you hadn't left so soon during it. As a constituent, I believe you left well before the "last constituent was served".

    1. Well I asked 3 or 4 times if anyone had any final questions or comments. No one came forward.

  5. Dear Senator Stacey Campfield,

    it truly was an pleasure talking to you today, however, may i make some request for future discussions/conversations?

    1. Please do not leave in the middle of an conversation, because of some excuse, like parking issues, especially after stating "Arrival: 11:00 AM / until the last constituent is served"

    2. When talking about your bills, for example, the "Don´t say Gay" bill, do not make claims about the existence of an Amendment, to prevent the increase of suicide rates among LGBT teens, if that Amendment does not exist...

    Thank you very much

    An voter, upset about being lied to by his Senator

    1. I asked 3 or 4 times if anyone had any final questions or comments before I packed up. No one came forward.

      I offered to respond to any actual questions and did. I did not say I was going to sit around as you surfed the web for hours on end.

      I never made a claim as to having an amendment that would somehow stop suicide. If someone is so confused that they are going to attempt to commit suicide I don't see how words on a piece of paper will stop them. All that might help is serious therapy that should be done by a professional, not someone with an agenda that may make things worse.

      I have another stop today if you have any more actual questions.

    2. Dear Senator,

      It is amazing to me that you are claiming that you asked for more questions before leaving. There were two of us, that were asking questions continuously, before and while you were packing up. However, apparently you did not find those kinds of questions, from your constituents, pleasing.

      And also, you might want to re-read my above claim #2. I said "to prevent the increase of suicide rates among LGBT teens." I did not, however, say that you claimed the existence of an amendment to stop suicides.
      I was sitting underneath your pavilion, on your second chair when I asked about the "Don´t say Gay" bill, and my believe it would lead to an increase in the suicide rate among LGBT youth.
      In reply you said that "the bill was amended to allow for teachers and councilors to help students if they seek help" (I am paraphrasing, since i did not record the conversation in any matter and cannot copy your exact words, but it was you said)
      I have done the research or as some would say the Fact-checking. There is no amendment to allow teachers, councilors or other school employees to continue providing assistance to LGBT youth that seek help.

      However, I will give you credit when it is due. Thank you for approving my above comment (and hopefully this response), so that we can continue having an respectful conversation about this topic.

    3. Also, before you can claim that i am incorrect about my claim that this claim does not exist. Here is my source:


      None of the 5 proposed amendments have any attempt in preventing the increase in suicides among LGBT youth, including the fifth amendment, which is the only one approved.

    4. The goal of the bill is and never was directly related to reducing suicide except in that it may help reduce suicide in those pushed into an unacceptable lifestyle by a teacher with an agenda.

      Here is the amendment you missed.

    5. As for your claim I left as you were asking questions under my tent that is not so. You and your friend were sitting on the wall surfing the net.

      I asked several times if anyone had any more questions as I had been sitting under the tent on my own with no questions for a while before I made "last call".

      Just like at a bar, when you hear last call you better step up. If not, just because you are sitting in the area does not mean the bartender will stay open forever for you until you get around to it.

      I find it funny as one commenter says no one asked any questions or wanted to talk to me and the other side says they were never given an opportunity to have their questions answered.

      Pick one.

      Either way, I had another listening tour stop today and I have another tomorrow. If you really want to ask serious questions its not like I am hard to find.

    6. Ah! Thank you Senator for sharing this link, i did miss the house amendment.

      However, this amendment is for one coming from the house, and so with not your product.
      Also, according to the capitol.tn.gov website this amendment, has not been voted on in the house, nor has it reached the Senate yet.
      "Rec. for Pass. if Am. ref. to: Calendar & Rules Committee"
      Recommended for Pass IF amended...
      It is an maybe it will be amended scenario. (which really needs to happen, but if it happens it is not your work) It has not yet been amended as you said it was.


    7. As you are not familiar with the process I will inform you that not much gets done or added to a bill without both sponsors approval. The bill had already passed the senate so I could no longer add amendments until the conference committee except in the house committee with support of the house sponsor. To think the house sponsor and I were not in close contact all throughout the process is naive. If splitting hairs is the best argument you have left and really not germane to the the subject at hand then I suspect you are not thinking of the issue and are only fighting to win the argument and your mind is closed on the actual facts. If that is the case we are both wasting our time with this communication.

  6. I'm not surprised you didn't publish my comment considering I'm a conservative speaking against your actions today. Censoring constituents? Nice move.

    1. no, I just don't sit around and moderate comments 24/7/365 As for you being "conservative" I question your definition. I have found most who push that out as their personal description without prodding seldom are.

  7. Senator Campfield, those of us who know what you stand for are not tired of you - we are excited about future legislation you will sponsor to make our state a better place to live! We follow you, in order to hear what great ideas and insights you have about what is going on in our world today!

    How comical that you visited the University of Tennessee today, and yet most of the people who left comments here hardly know how to use the English language, or to spell correctly the words they use, then they attack your spelling. Ha!

    Sounds like your event was not properly advertised, so that the serious students hadn't heard about it and all that showed up were some people who probably aren't even enrolled in classes at U.T. anyway, judging by their improper use of the English language and their childish, uneducated ways of interacting with you. You were right not to stay very long!

    You're going to Farragut today? There you will find people who have jobs, make money, and work to have a voice on behalf of the good for our state and our country! Hope you have a great day!!!

    1. Hello there,

      We have not meet, however, I highly doubt that it matters. But, as it happens, the students that were present and engaging are actually really students at the University of Tennessee. And, the reason that I was at the event, debating with Senator Campfield, is because I walked by and noticed his pavilion; that is the only reason.

      Also, if you are complaining about my spelling mistakes, you might want to re-consider. Those are the result of living 13 years oversees, while growing up, due to my Dad's proud service in the US Army. My English somewhat lacks, because of my families sacrifices for your freedom :)
      My family chose to raise me oversees, so you can continue calling yourself free, which has some consequences with my English language at times. But, I am quite certain that I speak many more languages than you, so don´t be too fast in judging.

      Also, by making such "nice" claims about us like, for example, saying that we were not serious, not enrolled in classes, childish, uneducated, unemployed, etc. You are actually, committing what is called an "Ad hominem," an logical fallacy. This means, that instead of trying to make an claim based upon evidence and facts, you assault the person with differing views, so that nobody will take them serious. It is sad, unfortunately common practice these days, especially in topics related to politics.

      Also, what do you mean with "There you will find people who have jobs, make money, and work to have a voice on behalf of the good for our state and our country!"
      As mentioned above, I spent most of my life oversees due to my families service to protect your freedom, this state and this nation. And, if were not physically disabled due to an injury from an accident that happened oversees. I would be wearing our nations uniform now, just like my Dad, my granddad, and my great grandmothers three brothers did. And yes, I had family members that gave their life's on American Battlefields.
      But, due to my disability I am not in uniform, but rather going to UT, to become an educator and to put my life into the service of this nation, even if in a different way than my ancestors did.
      So, are you saying that I don´t have an voice for the good of our state and country, or that i should not? I really do not understand your statement, but i do not like the way that it sounds.

      Thank you

    2. Senator Campfield, the University of Tennessee would do well to ask you to teach some courses in political science, so that serious students, like "Anonymous," who writes here, and others, could enroll in those courses and learn how to have a voice in what is going on in our state and in our country.

      With your many years of experience, serving in both the Tennessee Senate and House of Representatives, where you have served with highest integrity, I know your students would be fascinated and empowered by what they could learn from you!


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