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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Live forever! vote Democrat in NC

I have found the fountain of youth. Yes, all it takes is a to move to North Carolina and for you to vote Democrat. You see it seems North Carolina has well over 1,420 Democrat voters who are over 110 years old!!! Of course most of them (87%) live in 4 counties but they are still quite Mobile. Yes they are so mobile they were able to get up and go to the polls to vote.

But these young whipper snappers have nothing on two democrat codgers who are battling it out for top billing as the oldest voter in the state. One is 154 years old. The other is still holding on at 160.

Yes, they are an inspiration!!

I bet they use their library photo ID cards as proof of identification when they go to vote.....Ooops! The North Carolina governor vetoed photo ID to vote legislation. Wouldn't want to suppress this key voting block.


  1. Yeah, that, or some election worker typed 1858 instead of 1958...but let's aim for the conspiratorial point of view.

  2. So over 1,400 clerical errors - is that what you are saying Sean?


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