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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Who said that?

I was watching "Inside Tennessee" this morning on channel 10 and noticed a commercial  supporting a local tax increase up for  a referendum vote.

I wont get into the fuzzy statements made in the commercial supporting the tax increase because it was not what I noticed most in the commercial. In fact it was not so much what was in the commercial  as much as what was not in the commercial. A disclosure as to who was paying for the spot.

 If it is some shadowy outside group that is one thing. They have the right to say they support the tax increase if they want but they should at least disclose who they are in the commercial. If on the other hand it was government funded (as has happened in the past)  that is illegal.


  1. I have a question about the BC local option sales tax increase
    An ad in the KNS states (paraphrased) we need to pass it before the state comes in and takes it for themselves
    I didn't think that the state could touch the local option sales tax Can it?

  2. I dont think so. I have never heard anyone talk of raiding the locals $.

  3. I wondered the same thing as well. The issue of the proposed tax increase should serve an important lesson though. Blount County has an ALL Republican Commission and only one Commissioner voted against putting this on the ballot. Can't blame Democrats for this theft.


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