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Saturday, November 24, 2012

3 big trends for education

For some reason a big chunk of my old friends got into education for carriers. As I have been on vacation and doing the old "So what have you been up to?" type Q and A with a bunch of them a few themes seem to keep coming up.

"Education is in transformation" seems to be the common among them.

One theme I heard more then a few times was how most teachers feel like a shorter carrier is in their future. No so much because they hate the job but more because they feel they are going to be pushed out  because of their increased cost to the school system. The people doing the pushing is often their fellow teachers. Older teachers often get double to triple the pay of a new teacher. Those wanting to negotiate for more pay in their contract realize the high earners, in a way, suppress their potential to argue for more money. buy out packages may make "30 years in" a thing of the past.

Two, Tenure, especially among college professors is going to be a thing of the past. Similar reasons (cost) only this time the reason is insurance. Tenured professors get onto the insurance system. Many colleges already wanting to direct their spending elsewhere see a surplus of qualified staff out in the local labor pool that they can get to teach most classes without offering full time benefit packages.

Three, (And I think the big one) is the Internet. Especially at the higher levels. Web sites like this one are the future of education. Colleges are all going to on line education.  The bigger the college, the more integrated their on line education program is. The Harvard's of the education world already have ALL of their classes available on line.

 Many of my high school teacher friends said they even used Kahn (the link) to prep for classes on how to teach tough subjects more effectively. While Tennessee has had a rough start going to on line education I think it will continue to go in this direction at all levels.

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  1. You stated that tenure would be gone "especially for professors." But professors are the only group that has an arguable need for tenure. Supposedly, they need it to allow them to publish unpopular opinions without fear of getting fired. Conversely, grade school teachers have ZERO need for tenure. That is because the above justification obviously does not apply to them. They don't publish anything. So if you are going to eliminate tenure for anyone, start with the grade school teachers.


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