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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Because you cant win without them.

I always laugh after an election when you hear moderates call out the base of the party. "Throw out the Pauliacks!, The Rush listeners!, The pro lifers!, The church crowd!,The pro family supporters!"  Yes, because they were the real problem. Those were the ones that crossed over to vote for the other side. That was all the news leading up to election day. Not a moderate crossing part lines to sing the presidents praises as the hurricane hit his state.

Do you know who and what is left if we take out all the social issues? At best, the money and foreign policy issues. The John McCain gang of 8 types. The ones who no one really sees much of a difference between the liberal party with.

The irony is, it is the social moderates that let us down again and again, even on the money issues. It is they who cross lines to increase taxes, increase spending, Not the social conservatives. In fact I will throw down a challenge. Name the last social conservative that was the swing vote on a big tax increase?

Can you do it?

I sure can't.

Ever hear those who can't stand social conservatives calling out those of their own that cross over and vote for tax increases or increases in spending in the same way they go after social conservatives? I am still waiting.

 If I have heard it once while trying to motivate a voter, I have heard it a thousand times. "He's no different then the other guy" Those voters are the toughest to motivate to vote.

 Those elections then becomes nothing but a bidding war to see who can buy the most voters. As we saw with this last election and the one before it, You can not win a bidding war with Santa Clause. You can not win a war offering work when the other side is offering no work. You can not win offering responsibility for their actions when the other side offers the illusion of having to take no personal responsibility for their actions.

The anti values crowd thinks the values crowd should stay silent. In the closet and hope for scraps at the end. Why? Are the liberal ideas somehow better? Are they cowards to put our ideas up against theirs? Cant the pro child idea win against the pro death crowd? I think it can. Cant the traditional family crowd win against those who would tear the traditional family apart? I think it can.  Cant the responsibility crowd win against the 1960s drug culture and the pain it causes? I think it can.

When we shown the contrasts we win time and again.

Remember hearing about the Nixon defeat caused by him running against the counter culture or with "the silent majority". I sure don't.

Ever hear the story of how the "christian coalition" costing Reagan votes and the election? Me either.

Do you recall hearing about all of the sweeping losses when gay marriage was on the ballot a few years ago? Me either.

In Tennessee for the last 10 years we have been pretty wide open going after the values votes. How many Republicans are we down over that time? Oh yea, We're Not down. we are probably up almost 50 big seats across the state.

 When you talk to actual voters on those terms, the vast majority agree with us. When you start talking supply side vs. demand side economics the vast majority of eyes glaze over.

I do recall the "Read my lips, No new taxes" moderate pledge costing tons of people their election previous to that.
The anti values crowd seem to think we don't need a coalition of the social issues,  We do.  Desperately. The moderates in our party don't seem to realize that it is they themselves who have a history of pushing out and disenfranchising more people then they have ever brought in to the party. Its not the other way around.

Yet the 5% always seems to want to push out the 95% of our party for the sake of their "party purity ideal". The tail always wants to wag the dog and silence the bark and muzzle the bight.   The problem is when the thieves are at the door, all you have left to defend our country with is a soft little lap dog that no one cares much about.

I will take the pit bull.


  1. What do you mean by "anti values"? What does these people want?

  2. Social issues ARE the defining feature of today's pop culture. That culture has turned its back on God and the wisdom of the moral virtues that He offers. Without such virtue, our republic is simply doomed.

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn understood that so well. Russian communists condemned him to the gulag. He speaks from experience:

    "Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened."

    "Man has set for himself the goal of conquering the world but in the processes loses his soul."

    "It is time in the West to defend not so much human rights as human obligations."

    "In our country the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State."


  3. "I do recall the "Read my lips, No new taxes" moderate pledge costing tons of people their election previous to that."

    Which one? GHW Bush or Barry "Photoshop" Sotero?


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