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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Big wins!

Well we didn't win them all but I was close in most of my predictions. Republicans picked up some seats in both the house and senate.  We retained all our congressional seats and Romney won Tennessee big. Chris Christy? Your dead to me. NJ might have won but the rest of the nation lost.  I was a fan but you were the momentum killer. If it weren't for him I think Mitt would have won. Obama is going to really have to step up. The shuck and jive song and dance will  only continue to cripple our nation and the issues are too big.

 Ah well there is always next time.


  1. Some initial proposals:

    1) Abolish the criminalization of guns without a permit
    2) Elect the Supreme Court
    3) Close the primaries

    1. Only close the primaries if the parties are going to pay for them. As long as the taxpayers are stuck paying for these debacles we call elections, they should be able to choose primary they want to vote it.


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